Dal Degan: The pioneers in plant protection

We are a 150 year old start up.
With this sentence we feel perfectly represented. The meaning is found in our history of over 150 years in which we have gained unrivaled experience in the field of crop protection. At the same time, with courage and great stubbornness we have been able to be far-sighted in grasping the changes in the market and therefore making targeted investments to increase the quality, sustainability and technological level of our products. In compliance with the company philosophy strongly oriented towards constant innovation, we have recently completed important projects in the production, human resources and marketing fields; we design innovative ideas always keeping an eye on the future. Specifically, new blow molding and plastic molding machines were purchased and installed in order to increase the quality of the products. Instead, the environmental impact is reduced as they are completely powered by electricity. Sustainability is a fundamental theme for Dal Degan, in fact, in addition to reducing the environmental impact through the choice of new cutting-edge machinery, there is a constant commitment to reduce processing waste and increase the amount of internally recycled material. The most important resources for Dal Degan are people. As a consequence of the growing market demand, our team has been enriched with new professional figures to carefully follow every request and in the same way promote research and development initiatives for new products on project or on specific request.

Our values


Since 1870, we have specialized in the production of crop protection equipment, with innovative technological solutions.


Our mission is to protect crops but also to enhance Italian excellence, forging lasting partnerships with local suppliers.


We listen to the opinions and requests of the market to continuously optimize our proposals and guarantee quality materials for our products.


We know our limits and our potential and we communicate them to customers with the honesty and clarity that have always distinguished us.

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