Dal Degan

Since 1870, a leading Italian company in the professional spraying sector.

Through our experience of over a century combined with the evolution of market needs, we offer high quality solutions for agriculture, garden protection and much more.


The company is organized in two production areas respectively for manual sprayers and agricultural sprayers.

Thanks to far-sighted choices and numerous investments, today we are able to cover over 85% of the supply chain, depending in a small part on suppliers, who are carefully selected.


The strength of Dal Degan products starts from the choice of high quality raw materials.

The know-how and latest generation technologies allow us to create solid products able to always maintain high standards of efficiency.


For Dal Degan, every need is important.

The consultancy service is designed to listen to every need: through the support of our technical office we evaluate the feasibility of "tailor-made" projects with the aim of creating lasting value over time.


The back office service is designed to increase the experience with Dal Degan products.

The company always guarantees prompt intervention in the event of requests for assistance, making every means available. We are present in over 30 countries around the world to be ever closer to every need.

Dal Degan, a “150-year-old start-up”.

The reliability and competence of a long tradition combined with the resourcefulness of those who look to the future for the creation of innovative and quality products.

We love crops

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