EROS 2 litre hand pressure sprayer

Pre-compression spray pump with manual action for non aggressive liquids. This is used in the garden to spray insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and in the home for general spraying as needed. The reservoir is made in recyclable plastic polyethylene. The spray head has a large pump cylinder for easy pressurising of the reservoir and a large pump action knob. The grip is angled for comfortable use without tiring the wrist. The stainless steel spring closure for the liquid has a rapid release mechanism. The pump can be equipped with a plastic or brass nozzle with spray adjustment from mist to stream.

EROS 2 litre hand pressure sprayer
  • EROS 2 litre hand pressure sprayer
  • Impugnatura ergonomica e pratico pomello di pompaggio
  • Ugello regolabile in plastica o ottone

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