DIANA PRIMA 12 – 16 – 20 litre manual backpack pump

Backpack spray pump with manual action for non aggressive liquids. The pump complies with ISO 19932-1/2 standards and is ENAMA certified. The chief characteristics of the pump are: absolute hermetic seal of the reservoir at any position (no liquid leaks) thanks to the patented LIQUISTOP seal system, complete compliance with safety parameters and environmental observance required by European standards. Can be used in the garden to spray parasiticides, fungicides, pesticides in plant treatment or in any other work where sprayed product must be applied. 11 - 15 -18 litre reservoir capacity respectively. The reservoir is made in recyclable polyethylene plastic material with anti-UV treatment for protection against ultraviolet rays in sunlight. The particularity of the reservoir is that it has an exclusive transparent and graduated strip so that the liquid level can be checked and for precision dosing of the product to be mixed. Equipped with an upper handle for transport, it can be transformed for right or left-hand use. Another important characteristic is the large filling mouth (100 mm) with hollow filter with tight weave sections. Pumper in plastic material with a large compression chamber in order to provide an even spray and long operating time. The pump comes with the LA2282 lance with a pressure gauge: lever grip in plastic, aluminium extension, adjustable spray nozzle. The ergonomic aspect of the pump is specifically designed, with an anti-fatigue angle of the lever, padded harness-shoulder pads with a safety quick-release, hook to hang the lance at the end of operations and to ensure optimum comfort in use. The pump can be equipped with a range of accessories such as: various models of lances and extensions, weed killing bell, special nozzles. See Optionals for the complete list of accessories.

DIANA PRIMA 12 – 16 – 20 litre manual backpack pump
  • DIANA PRIMA 12 – 16 – 20 litre manual backpack pump
  • Pompante in plastica
  • Ampia apertura di riempimento, coperchio a vite, maniglia per trasporto
  • Leva ambidestra con alloggio per lancia
  • Fascia trasparente livello liquido

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