ARES 6 - 8 litres pressure sprayer

Pre-compression spray pump with manual action for non aggressive liquids. 5 and 7 litre capacity respectively. For use in the garden to spray parasiticides, fungicides, pesticides in plant treatment. The reservoir is made in recyclable polyethylene plastic material with anti-UV treatment for protection against ultraviolet rays in sunlight. The particularity of the reservoir is that it has an exclusive transparent strip so that the liquid level can be checked and for precision dosing of the product to be mixed. Pump in plastic material, easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance operations and with large plunger cylinder to make pressurising operations easier. Safety and manual pressure release valves. The pump can be shouldered using the included shoulder strap or by hand using the reservoir handle. Equipped standard with PVC flexible hose and LA2282 lance (plastic lever grip, aluminium extension, nozzle adjustable from mist to stream). Other lance models can be provided on request - see Optional.

ARES 6 - 8 litres pressure sprayer
  • ARES 6 - 8 litres pressure sprayer
  • Valvola di sicurezza escarico prssione
  • Pompante con ampia impugnature per pompaggio e comoda maniglia per trasporto
  • Stabile base di appoggio
  • Fascia trasparente livello liquido

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