5 kg backpack sulphurator and duster SCIROCCO

Hand action backpack sulphurator suitable for parasiticide treatments with sulphur dust and micropellet products. The sulphurator is made from corrosion resistant, recyclable thermoplastic material which is lightweight for easy shouldering. The reservoir, made in plastic material with anti-UV treatment for protection from ultraviolet rays in sunlight, can hold 5 kg of dust. A product mixing device favours complete emptying of the reservoir. Its main operational characteristics is the double action piston. This ensures less fatigue during work, a constant flow of air and consequently even distribution of the product. A lever controlled flow regulator allows dosage of the quantity of product to be dispensed. The machine is equipped with two extensions and a fan-shaped spreader connection, connected to the sulphurator with a flexible hose. The sulphurator lever can be easily switched for right-hand or left-hand operation. The angle of the lever was specifically designed to allow optimum comfort during use.

5 kg backpack sulphurator and duster SCIROCCO
  • 5 kg backpack sulphurator and duster SCIROCCO
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