Motorised backpack blower MONSONE DK201

From the Monsone line the DK201 blower is born, designed for use in agriculture, gardening urban hygiene and cleaning of large areas. The blowers are also used as a supplement for operating machines such as sweepers or vacuums in order to accumulate material to be collected and to free leaves from the terrain. They are also used before mechanised collection of olives, chestnuts, hazelnuts and shelled fruits to concentrate the fruit into piles for easier collection. MONSONE DK201 is a lightweight blower weighing only 10 kg, but with powerful performance thanks to the 3.7 kW motor. The 80 cm³ displacement engine was conceived for professional use (chromium plated cylinder, high speed bearings, membrane carburettor) and is designed with fuel saving criteria and in complete compliance with recent Euro 2 pollution regulations. A shield protection covers the engine - silencer in order to contain the noise to low levels. The 3 litre fuel mixture tank is located under the engine in order to avoid even accidental contact with hot parts of the engine. The new ergonomic joystick and multi-function command increases comfort and safety for the operator. All of the machine's functions (throttle, emergency stop) are grouped in a single control which also has an extreme safety feature in case of emergency. When the grip is released the throttle automatically closes, taking the engine to idle speed. The engine and the fan unit are assembled on an aluminium profile frame with vibration damping points. The output tube has a free double joint which allows 90° rotation both horizontally and vertically with respect to the joystick, making operation and storage easy. The shoulder straps are padded for greater comfort and a cushion in water-repellent material comes standard to further dampen vibrations. Lift and transport grip are standard equipment.

 The blower can be completed with the following accessories:

Large air filter

Extension tubes

Complies with CE standards

Motorised backpack blower MONSONE DK201
  • Motorised backpack blower MONSONE DK201

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