Weed-killing trailed group DEMETRA 2500 - 3000 L

Thick folded sheet steel frame ; steel boom. Powder painted steel. Wheels axle with adjustable rut; wheels dimensions (230/9.5 R 44). Homologated shifting steering. Main tank 2500 - 3000 liters - hand and machine washing tanks. Mass-produced self-cleaning ecological mixer with bottles device. Self leveling hydraulic boom with jet-holder model "quadriget". Oleo dynamic self leveling system with remote device and lock from the driver seat. Hydraulic boom lift device (run cm. 100). Proportional electric distributor group at steady pressure. Four diaphragms pump DL4180 remarkable delivery equipped with special type diaphragms for weed-killing. Independent oleo dynamic pump and hydraulic circuit. Electric controls (oleo dynamic valves, distributor) driven from the cabin by pushing multi-purposes' buttons.

18 - 21 - 24 m Boom

Optional :

lines-track device with integrated compressor

Filling tank motor-pump

Weed-killing trailed group DEMETRA 2500 - 3000 L
  • Weed-killing trailed group DEMETRA 2500 - 3000 L
  • Centrralized control Unit
  • Rear view
  • 18 - 21 - 24 - 36 m Hydraulic Boom
  • Sucking Kit

Sectors of use